Wrapping up March

Today was my last run in March, and I finished 3 miles on my awful uphill-out route. (It’s actually only awful for the first 20 minutes or so. But I just have to gut it out until I get to turn around and go downhill.) It was a nice, steady run and a beautiful day outside, and I finished in 37:44.

But what really makes me excited is that I’ve run a total of 75.8 miles this month. That’s some mileage! I don’t think I’m following the rules: in January I ran about 25 miles, in February 50 miles, and then 75 in March– this definitely breaks the 10% rule. But my legs have held up admirably, knock on wood. (Thanks, lifting! I guess stressing the heck out of my legs really does prepare them for a lot.)

(TW: gross blister talk!) After my 7 miler 2 weeks ago I had some really awful-looking blisters on the insides of my big toes (I suspect the Injiji toe socks played a role here) and one of them just would not stop being obnoxious– it never broke but it looked scary, with blood under the blister, and it swelled up every time I ran. Today I finally decided to break it (using properly sterile techniques) and I gave it a little eulogy as it drained.  “Thank you, blister, for your dedication in protecting my toe. But it’s time to let go and heal. You can rest from your hard work now, blister.” (I might be a little weird…)

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4 Responses to Wrapping up March

  1. Victoria says:

    Congrats on that milestone! (and rest in peace, gross blister…)

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