Early miles

Today is another wacky-schedule day, but this one is my fault: I scheduled a dentist appointment for 9am. The dentist is near my work, so I got in super early (7am!) and went to the gym, then cleaned up quickly and headed over to get my teeth cleaned.

My plan called for 5 miles today but I didn’t have time so I just ran 4. It was a good 4, though– solid and not hard, in 51 minutes. I would’ve been glad to run another mile. My brain was in neutral again– Keeping Up With the Kardashians was on the TV. I’ve never watched it before, but it was surprisingly down-to-earth. Who knew? I was also surprised that there was no one there at the gym– for some reason I thought that it was busy in the early morning? Maybe it’s just because it’s Friday.

(TW for weight-loss stuff) I think my butt is shrinking again. I caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror at the gym and my pants are hanging awkwardly. This is more "annoying!" than "yay!", since I’ve finally built up a wardrobe that I really like and feel comfortable in– but it’s no good when my favorite work trousers are all baggy-assed. My butt is too fabulous for that, so I guess it’s time to go buy new ones. Just what my budget needs. (I’ve recently bought plane tickets and hotel reservations for my summer trips and I’m still in shock. I expected Japan to be expensive but getting to my cousin’s wedding in the middle-of-nowhere upper Midwest isn’t much better!)

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2 Responses to Early miles

  1. maitriscraps says:

    I’m doing Gwynnie Bee right now which helps me supplement my wardrobe while I’m in this weight-loss process. I asked for size 18 work clothes for Christmas and they’re too big. Good problem to have, I know, but it sucks to not have clothes for work that fit.

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