Longer plans

I finally went back to the gym after a couple days’ hiatus for mixed reasons; I skipped my run on Monday because I was hoping to let this angry, infected blister heal (plus it was pouring down rain and I was at home), and on Tuesday I was sick (bleh). Today my stomach is still sort of iffy but I went and treadmilled my 40 minute tempo run anyway. (Only a little barfy!)

It’s only a week and a half until the dang race. Unless they decide to push it back yet another 2 weeks? Anyway, I am looking forward to being done and hanging up my running shoes for a bit. Or am I? I know I won’t continue at this level of mileage, but I’ve been enjoying my longer runs a whole lot and I’m feeling the temptation to see if I can get up to maybe 10 miles. I suppose I’ll see how this works when I go back to NRoL4W though… it always leaves me too sore to run much.

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