Through gritted teeth

Today’s a long run day and I was feeling good as I cruised along towards 7.5 miles. Weather was beautiful, legs felt good, pace was strong. And then, around 5.5 miles, I stopped at a light and when I started running again I felt it: intense burning blistery pain in the ball of my right foot. The sound I made was something like the Sound of Ultimate Suffering. And I cussed as I desperately tried to alter my stride, limp, whatever it took to take pressure off. Nothing really helped, though. And I thought, well screw it, maybe I should just stop running and walk the rest of the way– but it hurt when I walked too, and at least I could save on time in pain by running. So I gritted my teeth and hobbled along and wrapped it up the best I could. I managed 7.1 miles in 1:33, 13’09”. I was headed for under 13’00” too! That would’ve been a nice PR for the distance.

It occurs to me that one week before the race is a particularly bad time to mess my foot up. At least I’ll have extra motivation to taper, I guess.

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2 Responses to Through gritted teeth

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    STUPID BLISTER! Be careful with that!

    • G says:

      This is the same spot that got a massive blister when I got these new shoes. That blister was horrible-looking; it’s dried up now and started to heal over but there’s still sort of a crater there and I guess the friction on that newer skin was extra painful! There’s no new blister there– which is a good thing! But dang that hurt.

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