It’s finally taper week, and I couldn’t be happier. I thought runners were supposed to hate tapering? I’m like “YES ALMOST TIME FOR THE RACE”.

I had a regular 3 miler on the schedule but I really wasn’t feeling it. I think I’m still sore from Saturday? And I didn’t sleep well at all this weekend; it’s been too hot and stuffy. Anyway, my legs felt like crap and I struggled through only 2.5 miles and that felt like plenty for today. All I could think about when I was out running was getting home and stretching.

This weekend I went to the sporting goods store to poke around and look for some new goodies. And once again I was amazed at how expensive things are… I mean, I can understand dropping some money on a good sports bra or shoes, because those are critical items. But $25 for a plastic water bottle with a handle? What the heck? (I think that store is overpriced and I could probably do better on Amazon or something, but still.)

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3 Responses to Whatever…

  1. maitriscraps says:

    Yeah I was at Dick’s over the weekend looking for resistance bands – they’re like $6 on Amazon but the cheapest at Dick’s was $17.99. Ripoff.

    I found an interesting website, strengthrunning.com and it has a lot of tips for avoiding injuries, which I’m still working towards. The chirunning has really been working for me; at first I got lower back pain because my core muscles weren’t strong enough, but after a couple of weeks that’s gone away. Now my knee pain has cleared up too. But anyway the strengthrunning website has some good pre-run warmup routines, I tried the core warmup yesterday before my run and it seemed to help too.

    • G says:

      I was at Dick’s too. That store is just ridiculous. I looked at foam rollers there and they started at $35; I got one on Amazon for $12. (Of course, then I have to get a foam roller through the mail.)

      I’ll check out the strengthrunning site. Once I get this race out of the way, I plan on going back to srs lifting and NRoL4W. This year, I found that having a solid strength base under my belt made an enormous difference in how my body handled running training, so I totally get where it’s coming from!

      • maitriscraps says:

        You’re the one who got me into NRoL4W too :) I just started phase 3. Ow ow ow! Squat and lunge jumps are the worst. I love having discernable muscles though. I’m supposed to run my first 5K in June and I don’t want to stop weight training to focus on running.

        Amazon Prime = free shipping = worth every penny.

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