Just keep going, you can do this

Still tapering over here. I used the off day to go to the gym, elliptical for 15 minutes to get the ol’ blood flowing, and then do some nice stretchy yogas. I have lots of sore places and most of them are my hips. My psoas are tight and tender and I really ought to give them a once-over with the foam roller tonight.

On top of stressing about the upcoming race, I have a bunch of other nonsense coming up soon– standing up in my friend’s wedding and all the stuff that entails, then leaving for an overseas trip where I’m desperately trying to get to at least a bad-tourist level of language comprehension. (I thought learning Japanese would be very hard. Then I started and said "oh, it’s not so bad". And now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m actually understanding what I’ve undertaken and it’s enormous and I have one month left.)

Deep thoughts for today: thank goodness for the internet. Just about every bridesmaid item I’ve needed has been ordered online, from the dress, to a CD of Oktoberfest music for the shower, to a petticoat (fun! poofy! itchy!) to 4 pairs of 8.5W heels (desperately hoping that one pair works and sending the rest back). How did people do things before the internet? I can even make my hair appointment and hotel reservations online. It’s amazing. No driving around or talking to people, it’s perfect.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and I guess I sounded a little frazzled (probably because I am) and she had good advice, like she always does: "Make a list, set dates to accomplish things, and don’t freak out, just keep going, you can do this."

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2 Responses to Just keep going, you can do this

  1. maitriscraps says:

    You’ll feel much better after the race is over with.

  2. maitriscraps says:

    Check out that strengthrunning site – he has a set of exercises designed for ITB physical therapy. Might be the problem in your hips?

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