T-minus 1 day

Today was another non-strenuous day. I started with 15 minutes on the hamster wheel, then grabbed the foam roller (because it hurts so good) and then finished up with some yoga and stretching. It’s nothing fancy, but I definitely want fresh calves for the race tomorrow so I’m trying to make sure that area is rested and loose. (With my forefoot strike, calf soreness is killer.)

There’s an idea that I’ve been turning over in my head and thinking about in advance of the race tomorrow: that the mind says ‘stop’ long before the body really needs to stop. I find races inherently demoralizing; as someone who may well be the slowest runner in the race, it’s easy for me to get discouraged midway and decide not to push myself because it’s hard and I don’t have a hope of competing. But the only person I’m competing against is myself– I mean, that’s why I do this, to demonstrate to myself my improvement year-to-year. So the trick is going to be keeping myself focused on doing the best that I can, and keeping negative thoughts out.

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7 Responses to T-minus 1 day

  1. ouizeeb says:

    I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow, trying to keep the negative thoughts out while running in a 5k. I will likely finish last. I don’t think less of others that finish last, so not sure why I care if I do. I haven’t been running much, just got back into it a month back and I’m still doing the run/walk combo. But see? There I go explaining why I’ll be slow, and really there’s no need. I need these mini goals to keep me running, debating doing another half marathon in September… we shall see. :) Reading your posts is always encouraging, thanks! Have an awesome run tomorrow!

    • G says:

      Thank you! It’s so hard to fight the negative self-talk. Good luck on your 5k! You’ve probably finished by now. Hope it went well!

      • ouizeeb says:

        Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well this morning and I have a bum knee that just didn’t feel right so I decided to not do the race. But I still had a great time watching my friends run, I’m a very enthusiastic spectator. :)
        Great job on your race!!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    You are so right about the mind quitting first!

    If it helps motivate you tomorrow, pretend that I am running with you. I am WAY SLOWER than any other human being – you remember when I scientifically proved that I run slower than other people walk, even someone pushing a grass seed spreader – so in your head you can visualize yourself BLAZING past me, and at least crossing the finish line next-to-last.

    Seriously, I’m impressed with anyone who runs at all, no matter the speed. Remember that you are a complete bad-ass for doing this at all.

    • G says:

      Aww hon, no need to be negative about yourself to try to make me feel better! We are all heading along our own paths, at our own paces :)

  3. I came to wish you good luck, but you are probably done by now. :-/ Hope you did well!

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