Upper body fun times

Sigh. I think I overdid it on Wednesday (both squats and deadlifts on the first day back to lifting in 3 months? what was I thinking?) and I am super duper lower body sore, even 2 days later. Walking hurts; standing is okay, sitting is okay, but getting from one to the other is an ordeal.

But today I figured upper body lifts were doable, so I hit up overhead presses and bench and rows and flys and YTWLs (yes, they’re still very hard). There was this fit-looking blonde runner-type guy in there and he kept looking at me with suspicion, like he was afraid I’d drop the weights on my head. I finished up the thing with 15 minutes pedaling gently on the exercise bike (this helps DOMS, right) and stretching. I feel a little better, but I probably won’t be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

One of the locker room ladies started telling me I was looking good. I never know how to respond to these things; I thanked her and said it was all muscle. (There is the implied "have you lost weight?" after "Girl, you’re looking good.") Then she started tearing into herself about how she lost motivation over the winter and she’s so unhappy with her body and I just wanted to be encouraging but I didn’t know what to say either. She mentioned wanting to start jogging though, and I suggested C25k so that was a little constructive. I wish I knew how to better respond to casual body-self-shaming like that from people I don’t know well. It’s so pervasive.

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3 Responses to Upper body fun times

  1. maitriscraps says:

    Ugh, YTWL’s suck ass. I was hoping they’d get easier…

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