Internal motivation

Today I headed out for a simple 3 miles. I haven’t run hardly at all since the race, and today I realized that I wasn’t training anymore, I was just running. Because I wanted to. I didn’t have a pace I was trying to hit, or any goal besides just moving for 3 miles.

I finished in a bit over 39 minutes. The hills in my neighborhood gave me grief as usual, but I ran the ones I felt like and walked the ones I didn’t– whatever! (Of course, for some reason I ran the hilliest route. Up and down and up again.) I don’t have a plan for running, especially as I ramp back up into lifting again, but it would be nice to find something of a rhythm, maybe fitting 3ish runs a week in. I wouldn’t mind a weekend long run, either– but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. (Weddings to attend, and 20+ hour plane trips to endure…)

A question for my traveling runner friends: so I’m going to be out of the country and without cell service. I usually track my runs outside by GPS, but I can live with using the accelerometer; however, I am very worried about getting lost! Do you guys usually just take a map around? What do you do if you make a wrong turn and you’re in the middle of an unfamiliar place and the street signs are in a foreign language? At least I can manage enough Japanese to ask “which way is my hotel”…

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