Fronts of legs, a technical term

This week is so busy, so I’ve planned ahead. I decided that I would do: fronts of legs! upper body! backs of legs! Those are my three days to work out. If I have time (and if my legs aren’t destroyed) I’ll try to fit a run in on Friday before driving up for the wedding rehearsal. I am also hoping not to be too sore on Saturday, because 1) I am wearing heels (relatively low and comfy heels, but still) and 2) I really don’t want to walk and stand up in front of 60 people while in hobbly pain if I can help it. However, my bridesmaids dress has a lovely open back and shows off my muscles nicely. :)

So today was fronts of legs day (and hip flexors too, I guess). This included squats, split squats, step-ups, reverse lunges, and calf presses (technically back of leg). Plus, I tacked on weighted crunches, reverse crunches, clamshells both ways, and side crunches. And did 15 minutes of sweaty elliptical intervals. And spent a long time stretching out my hips and back. I was at the gym for a while…

I forgot my toiletries bag, so I’ve made do by putting some Jergens on my face and tying my hair up until I could scrounge a comb. I feel somewhat bare, but this is a good opportunity to see if anyone reacts.

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