Rainy day grump lifting

The weather sucks, I’m in a bad mood, and my endo is making me wish I could leave my uterus and all its associated parts at home because carrying them around hurts. However, I still went to the gym because it’s the best dang part of the day.

Since today was designated upper body day, I focused on that: bench press, upright rows, bent-over rows, pec flys, shrugs, and assisted pullups and dips, and followed it up with pushups, a couple minutes of planks and fun times with the foam roller (ouch).

I tweaked my back an unknown amount before even starting my workout, though. Some jerkface had left all the bars loaded and dumbbells everywhere, and I had to clean up his mess before I could start. 80lb dumbbells left on their ends are awkward to lift when you have to use 2 hands to re-rack the things.

I would like to know why, when my exercises of the previous day have theoretically focused on my quads, my gluteus medius is so sore. This and this might be an answer? I definitely have less-than-ideal range of motion in my squats and a tendency to lean forward, and I’ve always attributed it to my inflexible ankles but maybe that’s not quite right. It’s definitely something to work on… all those glute stretches look like they would feel incredible right now anyway!

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