Deadlifts day

Yesterday I was grumping around the house all sore and my partner was like, "Maybe you should take it down a notch? You need to take time and recover, too." And yeah, he’s probably right. I’ve been persistently sore since I started lifting again.

Buuuuut. I had one more day in the weight room this week and I had planned deadlifts and back work. I love me some deadlifts– there’s nothing like your biggest lift to make you feel all awesome, right? I didn’t want to skip it.

I started with a light set at 95lb to see how it felt (it felt fine). Then I tried a set at 115lb and it was still okay. Finally I loaded it up with 135lb and gave that a try– and that was more challenging (and more fun). Hopefully I didn’t overdo it.

In between I did a couple sets of back extensions and overhead presses (because I forgot this yesterday, and er, they’re sort of back work right?) It was a short lifting day, and I finished with another 15 sweaty minutes on the hamster wheel and some good stretching.

Oh! For the first time ever, I used a mixed grip for deadlift. Why did it take me so long? It felt much more secure than overhand grip. That should prove useful in the future when I tackle bigger lifts.

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