The Member of the Month… is me

In the past I’ve been pretty skeptical of my gym’s Member of the Month display– it’s always someone who’s lost a ton of weight or is doing something super-intense like running a 100-miler or training for cage fighting(?!), not really anything that I’ve found relatable.

But this month, the member of the month is me.

I was really surprised to get the nomination from the staff; I guess they were looking at people’s improvement in the 5k from the previous year and they noticed that my time was still slow but rather less slow than the year before. And they’ve been watching how much fun I have in the weight room, and how I’m at the gym nearly every dang day.  Anyway, they sent me a questionnaire to fill out, which gave me an opportunity to get on my soapbox for a second. (And make a couple jokes: “What’s your favorite thing about the gym? The friendly members and helpful staff. And the squat rack.”)

The questionnaire asked for my best fitness advice, and I said: Focus on performance and not appearance; improving what you can do and how you feel is a much better motivator than trying to change what you look like.  Which is, I guess, a more palatable way of saying decouple activity from weight loss.

The funniest part was how excited everyone else got about the award. I got emails from people I know all over my org congratulating me, and one of my coworkers asked if she could post the article on the office bulletin board. (Uhh, sure, ok?) I’ll admit, it is a small pleasure to get a little external validation.

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3 Responses to The Member of the Month… is me

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Congratulations! I’ve always wanted to know a celebrity… :-D

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