Short-term gains

You know, I’ve been working really hard since I went back to lifting last week. This 3-day split schedule is working pretty well. But I just realized that I’m leaving for my vacation in a couple days and access to exercise stuff is going to be sporadic at best (squeezing in an early morning run? sure! weight lifting? probably not). Oh well– I’m coming back and resuming NRoL4W anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I can chalk these weeks up as an experiment for how I’d like to lift when I’m done with the plan, too.

Today was upper body day and I hit it hard: bench press (110lb, getting it back), pushups, rows (upright and bent-over), pec flys, YTWLs, overhead press. It kicked my butt– I had some serious noodle arms going by the end. (Now that I write it all out, it was sort of a machine gun-spray workout– do everything and I ought to hit all the relevant muscles right? I could probably narrow it down with some thought.) I wrapped it all up by dragging my still-weary-from-yesterday legs to the treadmill and running for 15 minutes at a moderate pace.

I really need a spot for bench. This isn’t J’s day to come with me, though, so I would have to ask someone else, and I’m sort of not comfortable asking some random gym dude. But I can’t make progress without pushing my limits, and it’s not safe to do that without someone there to make sure I don’t drop the bar on my face. I always have to keep something in reserve…

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3 Responses to Short-term gains

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I guess I would feel weird asking some random person for a spot, but it’s not anything unusual. I think most people are happy to do it.

    Working out at home, my husband spots me and vice versa. Spotting him on the bench press I always threaten to “clam dip” him, which is the female equivalent of tea-bagging. He never seems to view it as much of a threat, but at least a few times I made him laugh so hard he almost dropped the bar. That counts for something.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    And yes I invented that phrase. You heard it here first.

    • G says:

      I like it!

      It wouldn’t be so weird if there were people using the weight room at the same time as me, but usually there aren’t so I’d have to go grab someone from like the cardio room or something. (It’s a very small gym.) Ah well, I’ll figure it out sometime.

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