Cheerful lifting

I’m in a good mood because, despite having a zillion things to wrap up at the office, it’s my last day here for a while. And it was my last day in the gym for a while too. I warned the staff that I wouldn’t be back for a couple weeks so they don’t think I’ve gone off and broken my leg or something.

Today was back day and I was short on time so I kept the number of exercises pretty minimal. I started with deadlifts at 115lb and worked my way up to a set of 10 at 145lb. That was the biggest deadlift I’ve ever done and it wasn’t really that bad? Someday I want to try to 1-rep max it… I bet I could lift quite a bit more. There’s nothing like deadlifts to make me feel like a badass :)

I rounded out the lifts with straight-leg good mornings (just the bar, it’s been a while– ooo my hamstrings!), back extensions, and cable wood chops. After that I finished with a nice sun salutation flow, which did wonders for the backs of my legs– though I don’t remember my legs ever being so shaky in Warrior 2 before…

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2 Responses to Cheerful lifting

  1. Helen says:

    Have a fabulous vacation!

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