Rainy vacation

Well, so far all it’s done is rain while we’ve been here… Today was supposed to be museum/aquarium day, but it was pouring and the road to the northern half of the island (where said attractions are) was flooded. We stayed nearby instead, and went to visit where my partner lived when he was little. It’s changed some in 30 years…

I don’t know if I’ll work up the courage to run outside here… First, I stick out quite a bit appearance-wise, and second the roads are insane and there aren’t really sidewalks? Maybe closer to the beach there are paths, but our hotel is up on a big hill– lovely view, but only a number of small steep and terrifying roads cut out of the mountain nearby.

However, the hotel has a tiny but serviceable fitness center, and I used one of the treadmills this morning and ran a bit. (My partner was hoping to lift some, but all they had was a chest press machine and a weird incline bench contraption.) I ran for 30 minutes and my thingumbobber tells me I went 2.5 miles– I’ll have to trust it because the treadmill was metric and used km and km/h– I have no idea how far or fast I went.

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