Vacation treadmill 5k 2014

Today I went to the gym early– no chance for upset stomach since it was before breakfast! And I was feeling pretty good, so I hung in there for a solid 5k on the treadmill, and finished in a bit over 35 minutes. My partner’s dad came into the fitness room to run and had some commentary… he’s a funny guy, ex-military, and still likes to run and work out. He made a point of looking at the treadmill display and exclaiming, “I can’t run that fast!” Hon, you’ve got ~35 years on me, I think we can just call it even.

In retrospect, today would’ve been a lovely day to run outside– it was the first sunny, dry day we’ve had so far. Maybe it will be as nice tomorrow.

Today we’re going to a traditional market and an old castle/shrine. I’m looking forward to seeing the more old-fashioned side of life here.

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