Back on home pavement

On Friday we returned from our trip (which was amazing). Sadly, I didn’t manage to get a run in during the 2 days we were in Tokyo, but I still saw plenty of the city on foot and saw lots of other people out running. Maybe next time. (I hope there’s a next time! I’ve decided to keep working on learning Japanese.)

My circadian rhythm is all kinds of messed up still… I wake up early and crash out in the late afternoon (yesterday, after walking around with my partner’s visiting relatives downtown all day, I pretty much had a toddler tantrum… fun times). I don’t think napping from 6-8pm is a viable everyday schedule, so I really need to get back on track.

This morning I found the energy to get out for a run– thank goodness, it feels like forever. I headed out for an easy 30 minutes, and it went well until my stomach and uterus did a pain tag team on me. (What is with this stomach running pain nonsense? It needs to stop.) Anyway, I finished 2.45 miles and then went home and carried on with my day of making jello salad and banana bread for my partner’s parents’ BBQ this evening. Three of his Japanese family members came back to the States with us and are staying with them for a month, so I feel like the holiday is a good opportunity for them to try some American treats. :)

Oh, random travel story: after we landed here, we took one of those airport shuttle buses to get to our cars. The bus was packed, and the only spot on the luggage rack for my bag was on the top shelf, at about head level– so basically I had to awkwardly clean and press my 50 pound suitcase to get it way up there. I barely pulled it off… I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t, I would’ve dropped the bag on my head and the heads of several other people.

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