Badly-needed recovery day

Oooo, I am sore today! It’s mostly my hamstrings (thanks one-legged RDLs). I went back to the gym today with the goal of warming up, loosening up, and stretching out the unhappy muscles.

I started with 15 minutes on the bike, pedaling along at a pretty good resistance and speed. I was sweating up a storm (granted, it was pretty stuffy in the cardio room) but my breathing and heart rate never really kicked up (which is okay, I guess, for a short period). After that, I did some nice gentle stretchy yoga and focused on the backs of my legs and my hips. It took several half sun salutes before I could even start to reach my toes.

Hopefully all the muscles will be back in working shape for Workout B tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll have the good sense to not hit it quite so hard.

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