Nooooooodle legs

I forgot my notebook, which meant 1) I didn’t know what exercises to do; and 2) I didn’t know what weights to do them at. But my blog came to the rescue– since Stage 5 is the same as Stage 3, I just checked my progress report from when I finished that stage. I knew there was a reason I wrote this darn thing!

J called for early gym time today, and when I arrived the weight room was full of dudes. Really fit, kinda cute dudes. It was a little bit of a pain working around everyone, but it wasn’t so bad. :) One of them scolded me when my bent-over row form failed on the last rep ("Don’t round your back!"). Usually I do those at 85lb, but today I did 95lb just so I could say "No worries, you can leave it loaded…" Yep, I felt like a badass for the first rep at least. They didn’t look impressed by my 40lb one-arm dumbbell snatch either. Silly boys.

My knees are feeling fine, so I hit up a full bodyweight matrix today (2, actually). They weren’t particularly fast but whatever. I actually did proper lunge jumps too, instead of cheating with some kind of scissor kick thing. After the first set I was pretty sure I was going to die… and then I did the second set and I didn’t actually die but I wanted to lie on the floor for a while because my legs weren’t working very well anymore. I forced myself to stretch and go shower instead, because I was pretty sure that if I laid down on the floor I’d have a heck of a time getting back up.

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2 Responses to Nooooooodle legs

  1. lozette says:

    40lb dumbbell snatch? That’s hyoooge!

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