Crack of dawn

Thus begins 3 days of all-day workshops: waking up at 5am to squeeze a run in before heading to work early. It was an adequate and un-fancy run, 30 minutes and about 2.4 miles on my sore legs. And I managed to wrap up, get cleaned and dressed, and make the train on time. Good job me!

It might not be the best idea, stacking a run onto my tired legs, but honestly I couldn’t face the prospect of sitting for 10 hours in a conference room without a workout to burn the fidgets off. (Seriously, the idea fills me with violent irritation. I haaate these long workshops.)

It’s been a while since I did a sunrise run. They’re nice in their way; I literally roll out of bed, get my running clothes on, and head out. I’m a good 10 minutes into the run before I’m even awake! And it’s cool and quiet, and the early morning has its nice light. But I prefer 6:30 to 5:00.

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2 Responses to Crack of dawn

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL, I love the “roll out of bed” idea. That doesn’t work for me. Without providing entirely too much information, I’ll just say that I need to be near a bathroom for the 30 minutes or so after I first wake up. Every year at my physical my doctor asks if I’m “reasonably regular” and I laugh at him.

    Those all day workshops are THE WORST. I had a mere 5-hour meeting a few weeks ago, and thought THAT was crazy. I know we’re all supposed to be adults and able to concentrate for long stretches, but 10 hours is unreasonable for anyone to sit still. They should have recess in the morning and afternoon, and play Dance Central or something.

    • G says:

      Hah! I am, er, in a similar situation, but I’m okay as long as I don’t eat anything or drink coffee before I head out. (It is nice to have dependable bowels, isn’t it? I put a lot of effort into getting on this schedule too… TMI, sorry.)

      I’m lucky in that the workshops are science-y and therefore pretty casual; it’s typical for people to get up and stretch their legs or go use the bathroom, and we have breaks every couple hours for coffee. BUT STILL.

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