Making it work

My busy workshop week is over! And I was supposed to have people over tonight and they had something come up and cancelled and I am 100% fine with that because all I want to do is relax and unwind.

I had a 2-hour break between the end of the workshop and some talks; I took advantage of this to make up Thursday’s workout (and grab lunch and stuff it in my face, which is outside the scope of this blog). The time was unusual for me, so the weight room was full of people again but it was fine (except when my YTWLs came up against a woman doing kettlebell swings– those things both have great big footprints). ¬†Instead of doing weighted ball crunches I tried out incline situps, and I don’t think that did what I was hoping for. It seemed to get my hip flexors and quads more than my abs. I just think crunches are boring! And I have to weight them so heavily to do anything that it becomes an arm exercise as much as an ab exercise, and doing them on the ball is wonky and I just don’t like them.

I fit in my 15 minutes of running intervals too. That was a tough go, though. My glutes and hips are still sore from Tuesday and Wednesday and I was just wiped out after the lifting. Now that I think about it, though, I ran them wrong– I did 3 minutes work, 3 minutes rest and they’re supposed to be 1×2. Oh well, they’re done…

Getting my gym on made a tremendous difference in being able to face the rest of the day. It’s funny how expending a bunch of energy makes me feel better and more energetic.g

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