I need a recovery day just for yoga class

All right, so in my never-ending quest to attend all the yoga classes exactly once, I tried a new one today. I liked the instructor, an older, somewhat nerdy-looking man, from the beginning. The first thing he did as we started the class was crack a joke that this wasn’t “yoga church”– no woo, no inspirational readings, no chanting. Which I think is perfect.

But you know, I’ve been around the yoga block at least once, and 90% of what he had us do I had never seen before. I hadn’t even dreamed of putting my body in these positions. Sit in bound angle and fold my feet out like a book? What? Are my feet supposed to do that? The other people in the class had obviously taken classes with this instructor before and they were still like “wtf r u doin?” I didn’t get the sense that it was an advanced class necessarily, but it was a small group and he was constantly checking in with all of us to help because we were all pretty lost.

While I wore my skeptical face the entire time (you want me to put my foot where now?) it was actually pretty fun. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have stubby little T. rex arms and I will need blocks for just about every pose where my hands have to reach the ground. That said, I did pull off camel for the first time ever thanks to the blocks and the advice “now attach a tow truck to your bellybutton” so it can’t be all bad.

But my quads are some kind of wobbly and I think my lower back got a serious workout and I suspect I’m going to go lift tomorrow with sore parts. Sigh. I need more days in the week so I can do all the things I want to do and still have proper recovery days.

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2 Responses to I need a recovery day just for yoga class

  1. lozette says:

    I need more days in the week, too. Or someone to plan out my life for me so I can do all the workouts I want to do!

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