Rearrange it

I’ve been working through NRoL4W for a while now, and as I go along I wind up slowly adding, subtracting, modifying and splitting exercises. My latest target is the combined deadlift/bent-over row. I’ve decided I like the low position bent-over row, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why these exercises need to be done together, especially since I deadlift 135lb and can only row 85lb. So, I split them up. It takes longer, but I feel like that deadlift is actually doing something, plus I can focus on proper form for the rows.

My workout today was pretty fantastic, actually. I blew through my sets, then went and ran my 15 minutes of intervals– and the running felt so good I just kept going (with an eye on the clock, sadly). I should run more. Need more days.

So I’ve been hearing about recent reports that reiterate what scientists as well as folks in the FA and HAES camps have been talking about for years: long-term weight loss is an anomaly, but adding healthy behaviors can improve health indicators, even if it doesn’t cause weight loss.

I’m pleased to see this reverberating around the blogosphere but I’m skeptical of any real, baseline attitude change in the general public. Why? Because weight loss is a billion-dollar industry and a whole lot of people who make their livings by teaching people to hate their bodies would be out a lot of money… But maybe, just maybe, it’s an idea that will grow.

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