Weekend swim

The weather here has been following a consistent pattern: the weekdays are rainy and swampy, and the weekends are clear, sunny and pleasant. I have no complaints! Today was a lovely day and around noon I went out to swim some laps. (I think next week the pool’s opening during the week, so my schedule will change a bit.)

I swam 30 laps and it took me about 50 minutes. I didn’t try to swim fast, just steadily. Once I got the rhythm going it felt like second nature and I felt like I could go forever… but now that I’ve been out of the pool for a bit I’m pretty tired! A nap would be nice.

I need to find a way to keep water out of my ears– it’s so uncomfortable. I wear a swim cap but I don’t like wearing it over my ears (my earrings, which I can’t take out, get pulled on). Last year I bought some of those squishy wax earplugs but I never tried them…

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