Hot Hot

Oh, I am definitely not ready for summer running! I went out today at 10am, and it was about 85F and high humidity and totally breezeless and I was pretty sure I was going to keel over. I managed to finish my 3 miles but it was very slow– 41:00. I didn’t take any water with me either (“oh it’ll just be a quick run”) and wound up with a baby migraine. Hopefully the Excedrin does its job and that headache doesn’t grow up.

I guess the takeaway message is: go earlier in the day. There’s a sweet spot where the early morning humidity starts to dissipate a little but the sun hasn’t gotten hot yet. Swamp life…

I can’t help but notice a pattern in my experience with runner waves. Runner etiquette calls for two runners passing to wave or say good morning/hi. It’s a practice that I really like, it’s sort of runner solidarity, right? There are lots of runners around here, so I might wave three or four times when I go out. But– maybe it’s confirmation bias, whenever someone doesn’t wave back, it’s a fit-looking young woman, a classical runner chick, and she’s more likely to gawk at me like I have three heads. Ah well.

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