Stage 5 Workout B done!

Today was the last workout of Stage 5. These 4×4 sets take so long, and I’m happy to leave them behind. The short sets mean I can lift more, but… I dunno. I feel like I haven’t done enough after just 4 reps? It’s weird. Anyway, here’s the breakdown…

Barbell Romanian deadlift/Bent-over row (I split this up)
Starting load: 85lb
Ending load: Row, 85lb; RDL: 155lb (!)

Partial one-leg squat
Load: Bodyweight (I worked hard on this but I still don’t feel like I have the range of motion to do it right– getting my femur to parallel never seems to happen without a lot of bending forward)

Wide-grip lat pulldown
Starting load: 42.5lb
Ending load: 37lb (I took weight off of this to ensure I could pull the bar down to my chest instead of stopping at my shoulders. It’s still awkward… if I pull the bar down all the way the weight bangs on the top of the stop. There’s probably some better way to do it.)

Back extension
Load: 35lb

Starting load: 8lb
Ending load: solid 10lb (these got quite a bit easier, FINALLY. Yay delts!)

Crunch-ish things
Starting load: Swiss ball crunch @ 35lb
Ending load: Incline sit-up (at first I swore these weren’t working, but then after sore abs for 2+ days after doing them I decided they did. Because my butt is big, though, the lower part of the movement is weird and my lower back is uncomfy. Maybe I need a bolster for support.)

I am skipping listing the hip/lateral flexion and the cobras, because they haven’t changed at all (and they feel like filler). I still like the intervals part though :)

My plan is to get plenty of sleep this weekend. These past two weeks, I wake up and I can just feel my body telling me "no you need more sleep, I’m not done recovering yet!"

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