Sleep concerns

My two-fer workout yesterday didn’t make me really sore (though my delts are definitely in need of a good stretch– swimming sure is effective) but I do feel kind of weary. I suspect I didn’t sleep well (or enough).

I’ve been having a heck of a time falling asleep lately. I’ll toss and turn for an hour before I finally manage to drift off– only to be awoken by my partner’s light snoring. I guess last night was better than most, though– I have the data from my sleep tracker to show me. Here’s last night and Monday night (the night before last).

Honestly, I probably just need to start going to bed earlier. That would solve 85% of it.

Oh right, the workout! It wasn’t anything fancy; I stationary bike’d hard for 20 minutes, then did a bunch of incline situps, bench pushups, cable wood chops, and crunches. (Yep, a core day.)

Since this stage coming up is Stage 6, focused on pull ups, I also used the assisted pull up machine to see how much strength I’ll have to gain. Right now I can just manage 2 reps with 90lbs of help. (110-120lbs help, I can do 10.) So I have my starting point, let’s see what I can pull off…

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