Summertime soreness

Some of the summer stickiness blew away with the storms last night, so this morning I decided to head out for a nice run around my work neighborhood. I ran along one of the main arterial streets leading into town (it’s the flattest way to go, despite still being somewhat hilly) and you would think that people cruising along at 35-45 mph in heavy traffic might be too busy to honk at someone running on the other side of the road– but somehow they still managed.

Anyway, I wrapped up 35 minutes and 2.75mi and came back and showered and now I’m sitting at my desk, still sweating. (Why do I bother putting powder on my face after a workout? I either sweat it off or it cakes into awfulness.)

I feel like I should have a daily color-coded graphic on this blog depicting what’s sore. Today it’s my serratus (all them pushups– every dang time), my delts (swimming) and a little bit of my calves (all the running). And of course the ever-present low-grade hips and low back nonsense. Tomorrow my abs will be sore and probably my calves still…

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2 Responses to Summertime soreness

  1. maitriscraps says:

    I like the warmup for runners, for helping prevent hip soreness. Also there’s a “Yoga for Runners” and a yoga for hip opening on YouTube. Can you fit a yoga workout in?

    • G says:

      Yeah, I’ve used both the warmup and the hip opening, and they’re lovely but it is a lot of time for something small but chronic. The yoga makes for good tv-asana :)

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