Days of swimming

Today I headed to the pool and swam laps for 30 minutes. I’m only a little sunburned– I put sunscreen on my face and shoulders and upper arms, and I think I’m okay. I’d like to get to the point where I have enough of a base tan that I can skip the sunscreen for half an hour exposures. I just really hate sunscreen! It’s sticky and I have to be careful to cover everything or else I burn.  After swimming, I came in and did pushups, because I just love being sore I guess.

Yesterday my partner took me to the beach (my birthday present!) and that was wonderful. I was pretty sure it wasn’t actually wonderful at first, though– we got a late start and traffic turned the 3 hour drive turned into 4+ and the beach was crowded and, to top it all off, when we got set up on the beach I realized that the clasp on my bikini top was half broken and hanging on for dear life. I wound up wearing my coverup just in case, even in the water (which was fun because it’s basically a big billowy button-down cotton shirt, so it was like a drogue).  But regardless I had a really nice time once I got settled in. I love the beach and I love the ocean, and I really would spend the entire time out in the water. (My partner isn’t much of a swimmer, though, and he gets nervous when I’m out too long and worries. It’s funny– in the salt water, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sink if I tried, so I always tell him he has nothing to worry about.) The along-shore current is pretty strong at this beach, and I would swim out using the lifeguard post as a reference, get out of the breaking waves and pick up my feet for a bit to tread water, and before long I was a good distance down the beach. I tried to swim against it, but I never made much progress. It’s like a great big infinity pool…

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