Adaptive heat strategies

Well, I decided to be a little proactive and get my run in early to beat the heat. And it almost worked. When I headed out it was just under 80ºF and a nice breeze but when I came back it was warmer and somehow even stickier. Oh well. 35 minutes, 2.7 miles, and I took some water with me so I didn’t feel parched (which was nice, I should take water more often).  This wraps up June with 27.5 miles total– nothing tremendous, but better than May was, and not bad for a month where I was lifting a lot.

V8 (a tomato-vegetable juice– I’m not sure if they have it in other places besides the US) is one of those love-it-or-hate-it drinks, right? But I think it makes an excellent recovery drink– it has lots of electrolytes (I stick to the low-sodium kind but it still has plenty of salt, and lots of potassium and magnesium too!) and I find it weirdly refreshing right out of the fridge. Sometimes my runner friends come to me with complaints of cramping after runs and I have to give them a lecture about electrolytes. It’s just really important when we’re sweating in this heat.

Tomorrow I start Stage 6 of NRoL4W– the infamous pull-up stage. I’m not sure how it’s going to work… the plan is calling for things like 10 sets of 2 lat pulldowns, with 60 second rests between? Really? This is going to take for-ev-er…

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1 Response to Adaptive heat strategies

  1. maitriscraps says:

    Love me some V8! I started a keto diet 3 weeks ago and you really have to watch those electrolytes when you’re that low carb.

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