Little morning run

The idea is to get out early, before it’s too hot and sticky, and get my running for the day done.  Except– today it didn’t work. It was already hot and sticky and there was no escaping it. (Tangentially, does anyone out there have a good solution for keeping stinging sweat out of my eyes? Dang that hurts.)

But I struggled through 30 minutes and covered 2.4 miles over the half-uphill/half-downhill route. (I’m getting tired of hills. Remember when I used to run on nice flattish places?) It was okay, though; I ran slowly and steadily and worked my way through it.

I’m naturally a pale and pasty person, but this summer I’ve gotten quite tan. It’s sort of strange! I spent yesterday at the pool at my friends’ apartment complex, and generally failed at applying sunscreen but didn’t get burnt (despite wearing a bikini). I’m pleased that the sun doesn’t hate me quite as much now.

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