(Not) Obsessing over food

Today was my second shot at Stage 6 workout B and I made some corrections, like making sure the dumbbell was on the correct shoulder for the one-side-weighted lunges, and decreasing the incline on the reverse crunches so I could get my lower back off the bench (wow, those really do the trick don’t they).

This time I was able to take advantage of the quick workout– I’d brought the right sports bra and shoes to ensure that I could go for a run afterwards. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill at a brisk pace and felt tremendously improved afterwards. I’m traveling this weekend and not sure if I can get a run in (although, given the sleeping habits of the friend I’m visiting, I suspect there’s going to be a lot of time in the morning when I’m up and she isn’t so maybe I can sneak out).

Lately I’ve been dealing with some digestive issues and random calf cramping and beating myself up about food. I’m always hearing about someone’s elimination diet or new eating "philosophy" and I wind up feeling inadequate about my own food choices, like I would probably feel better and perform better if I was paleo/vegan/gluten free/etc.

However, when my partner hears me starting to obsess about it, he gently reminds me of how he used to eat before he met me.* (Ramen, boxed mac&cheese, chicken pot pies, assorted microwave dinners, takeout…) He’d never eaten a beet or a Brussels sprout. Now we cook dinners from scratch almost every night, and meals always contain at least one veg, more if I can cram them in. My breakfasts are fruit and hemp powder smoothies, and lunch is usually leftovers from dinner. We eat well and adventurously.

Of course there’s room for improvement (personally I’d like to use more ethical sources for my protein, but my partner can only tolerate so much legumes and free-range meat is expensive! And I need a lot of protein. Working on it…) But I don’t think that my diet is a place where the cost-benefit ratio is very favorable for big changes, and it’s certainly not something that I need or want to be obsessing over.

*My partner is fantastic and I want to thank him for this, it really did make me feel a lot better.

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4 Responses to (Not) Obsessing over food

  1. mawil1 says:

    Sounds like your diet is balanced mentally as well as nutritionally! Doing your own cooking as great. More veg less sugar is probably the top and bottom of it! However I find sugary stuff is very tempting. Good luck! Julie

  2. lozette says:

    I hear you on the food thing. I’m constantly thinking I “should” be going gluten free/paleo/etc etc, even though I have no digestive issues (that I know of) and feel fine. I’m sure someone paleo would say I have “inflammation” but I have no idea how one can tell.

    My boyfriend does most of the cooking & is pretty adventurous, but not in terms of veggies, so I don’t eat many!! He’ll happily slow-cook a pork butt for 7 hours or boil a chicken carcass to make stock, but I have to remind him to buy/eat veg :-) (I don’t really like veg anyhow!)

    • G says:

      The gluten thing is such a sort of temptation? Every time I have some sort of gut upset I panic and say “OH NO IS IT BECAUSE I HAD *flour-y food*” If I wasn’t being so silly I’d realize that usually it’s milk (which I am sensitive to, but I love). Tummy hurting after I have pizza? Yes, it’s covered in cheese! It’s not the crust.

      I grew up eating lots of veggies. My parents were both raised on farms and along with their insistence for veg at meals (good!) they always made me drink milk with dinner (not so good!)

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