A mixed bag

Well, today was Stage 6 A3. You might think that I would be seeing some progress with the negative chin-ups but NOPE. It just all goes wrong– I jump up from a box to the top position and all I do is swing and fall down in seconds. I really do hate the jumping up, too. Maaaybe next time it will be better, but I only have 2 more weeks in this stage?

On the other hand, I am rocking out at everything else. Today’s pulldowns were still 10 sets of 2 but with shorter rests, and I started out at the higher weight from last week and then added another 2lb for the last 3 reps. Pushups and split squats were 3 sets of 6, and I added 5lb to the squats and got the last set of my pushups on the floor– pretty easily, too. I’ve added tons of upper body strength, but it’s still not enough for those damn chin-ups.

I haven’t been eating as well as I want to lately. This weekend I was in Florida visiting a friend and ate crappy restaurant food and not enough vegetables. And I’m all bloaty from my period and I just feel terrible and lumpy. (However, that did not stop me from being bikini-tastic on the beach! Because whatevs. It was glorious.)

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