Changing it up

What a weird summer day! It’s not even 80F out. I was thinking about going for a swim, but the temperature gave me pause. And I could run, it’s nice weather for it, but it wasn’t grabbing me today. And then, around lunchtime, I found myself dancing around the office to B-52’s Rock Lobster. (Luckily I was working at home and didn’t subject my coworkers to it.)

And it was really fun, and as I was grinning and catching my breath I was like “huh, dancing is great! Hey, I haven’t played dancey game in a while, I should do that…” So I did. It’s been… months maybe? since I’ve played, and my body still remembers enough to 5-star the songs on Hard. Maybe I’ll get around to working on some new songs.

After I finished dancing, I dragged my yoga mat out of the corner and went through some sun salutation-ish stuff and some nice hip openers. It’s been a while since I did yoga too. It felt awfully good. I’ve been doing rudimentary stretching after my workouts, but it’s not enough– everything was so tight.

I’ve been so focused on running and lifting and swimming that I’ve neglected some of my other fun activities. I’m glad I got back to them today!

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