Long runs and shoes

All I wanted to do today was have a nice long, easy-ish run where I could put my brain in neutral for a bit. 45 minutes and somewhere between 3.65 and 3.85 miles later, mission accomplished. (The treadmill said 3.65 and my thingumbobber said 3.85, so it’s somewhere in there… probably closer to 3.65 though.) CNN was on the gym tv and it was unending terrible news, so my brain didn’t really stay in neutral but I guess today is no good for escapism.

I think it’s time for a new pair of running shoes; I’m having the characteristic calf pain that’s like an early warning system. Mine have 176 miles on them, according to my records, but after I finished training for the 5k in the spring I was also wearing them when traveling (which isn’t the best, but I’m not packing a pair of shoes for running AND a pair for walking in) and sometimes when lifting, so they have plenty of wear.

Shoe models have turned over since I bought my last pair, so I’m debating

a) hunting down another pair of my old ones (Mizuno Wave Rider 16)
b) going to the new model of my existing shoe (but the 16 was a bit big through the forefoot and I got some blisters, and they’ve reduced the structure in the 17 and people say the fit is looser)
c) trying the men’s version of the women’s shoe I loved/hated (Saucony Ride– it was so lovely and squishy but the women’s wide was still too narrow and gave me epic blisters)

In the end, it’ll probably be ZAPPOS TO THE RESCUE and I’ll try one of each and send the rest back. (Seriously, this is how I buy all my shoes these days.)

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