Pushing myself

Workout B4 today and I am still tearing it up. Something has happened and I feel like I can lift more than I’m lifting, like I’m not challenging myself as much as I could be. I’m not sure if this is an accurate feeling, but it’s not a bad one.

I put another 5 lb onto the reverse lunges and rows (up to big ol’ 45lb dumbbells now) and switched to a barbell for the push presses and got that up to 80lb. And I’m using 45lb plates for my back extensions now, which feels quite beefy (those are big plates!) I wish I had such positive things to say about the incline reverse crunches but honestly I hate them; my lower back really feels crunched up at the bottom of the eccentric phase. I suspect there’s a better ab exercise for me out there.

After all the lifting, I decided it would be a good day to test how fast I could run that mile (on the treadmill). And well, the answer is sort of mixed; I ran it in just under 10 minutes, which is good, but I was hoping for a little bit faster. That was a dang brutal 10 minutes though… I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of it! It probably doesn’t help that I was running on tired legs from the long run yesterday and today’s lifting.

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1 Response to Pushing myself

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Ab exercises are definitely one that I have no hesitation in modifying for something more suitable. I gave up the horrible jackknifes when I was doing the Minimalist workout – they always felt wrong and too wobbly for safety.

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