Out in nature

I’ve been on vacation out in, well, basically the middle of nowhere. It’s been a nice time! We’re headed to the airport now to go home and I feel like I’ve been eons away from my normal life.

Yesterday I finally found some time to go out for a run. This area is full of trails! They’re all marked for snowmobiles and mountain bikers so I just wandered until I saw trail markers and followed them.

It was a tough run in places– there were some big craggy hills, and the trail was surfaced with big wood chips– but I finished 2.6 miles in 35 minutes and felt much better about going to spend time with my family. I needed the attitude adjustment.

We did a couple short hikes too, and saw all kinds of critters. Next time I’d love to bring hiking/camping kit and of some backcountry camping… There’s so much beautiful country to see here!

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