Stage 6 Workout A, done!

I’m battling a fair bit of fatigue today, so this probably wasn’t my best effort. (Thankfully I have no more travel in the immediate future, so I can catch up on sleep and get my guts back to normal.) I saw a lot of progress in this stage, but I have to admit that it didn’t do what it said on the box: I’m not really closer to doing a pull-up than when I started. It was an optimistic goal, and maybe I’d be better off doing one of the more incremental programs next time. (Several places on the interwebs say that negative chin-ups are too advanced for beginners, and there are a number of other exercises that work similar muscles without having you hang your entire body by the arms.)

Here’s the breakdown… Note that the plan varied the reps by workout, so some of the gains are tempered by doing fewer reps at heavier loads.

Negative Chin-up (3 reps)

For the first time today I was able to hold one of the reps with my arms flexed for a few seconds, rather than just swinging there. It’s something, I guess.

Underhand Lat Pulldown (10 sets of 2; pull down fast, return slow)
Starting load: 42.5 lb
Ending load: 54 lb
AMRAP@42.5 lb: 15

Barbell Split Squat
Starting load: 65 lb (2×10 reps)
Ending load: 105 lb (3×4 reps)

Starting: on bench
Ending: on floor
2 sets AMRAP on bench: 12, 10

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