Me and the hamster wheel

Well, today I wanted a workout* but nothing too strenuous… my hips and adductors are absolutely wrecked for some reason (probably a combination of split squats and being huddled into a tiny plane seat for hours). So I settled on a long, low-resistance spin on the elliptical. My knees don’t really like it; next time I think I’d rather just run. I spent 45 minutes tooling along, reading Backpacker magazine. I didn’t learn anything about backpacking, but it had some pretty pictures and a lot of ads… and a story about a women who broke a speed record through-hiking a long trail and was described by some dude as having calves that were "hairy and ripped". Like, really? This woman’s on a mission and you care about the hair on her legs… I’m sure she’s going to stop and get out a razor in the California wilderness…

Anyway, it was very boring. But I felt like I needed to do something. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of bloaty and horrible, which doesn’t translate to ‘need to move’ but I just want to get my guts back to normal so I’m trying to get back into my normal routine and habits.

I forgot underwear in my gym bag, too. Thankfully I had on one of the pettipants slip things under my skirt, so I don’t have to worry about going commando. Fun times.

* Is it wanting a workout or mostly just wanting a shower? My post-gym shower is my shower for the day, so I think that’s half my motivation most of the time.

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