Stage 6 Workout B, done!

I guess the moral of Workout B is "it’s not enough? or is it?" It’s super short; even when I had 4 sets of 4 it only took me 30 minutes to finish, and this week it was 2 sets of 10 so I was done in about 20. The plan was to go run on the treadmill a bit when I finished, but when I started running I had a bad twinge in my left knee so I just called it a day. This bums me out a lot more than it should?

Anyway I’m still feeling pretty poopy, achey and tired and guts unhappy. I hope whatever this is sorts itself out, because I’m starting to think about more drastic measures of dubious provenance.

Here’s the progress from the short workout. Just like Workout A, the increases are also influenced by the sets being shorter. I suspect some of the starting loads were way too light!

Reverse Lunge, barbell on shoulder
Starting load: 20 lb
Ending load: 45 lb (4 sets of 4)

Dumbbell 2-point Row
Starting load: 30 lb
Ending load: 45 lb (4×4)

Dumbbell Push Press
Starting load: 2×25 lb dumbbells
Ending load: 80 lb barbell (4×4)

Back Extension
Starting load: 35 lb
Ending load: 45 lb

Incline Reverse Crunch
Start and end: 1 notch on the bench

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