Recovery, choices and yoga

This week is the recovery week after finishing Stage 6 and I really need it. My joints hurt, especially my wrists, elbows and knees. Though… that could just be the cold? sinus infection? head malaise? I’ve come down with. It could be from the travel, or the poor sleep, or the stress, but either way I feel pretty icky and I’m rapidly depleting my stash of Kleenex.

I decided that I would spend this week doing gentle, restorative exercise like yoga and walking. A lot of my recovery weeks have been along the lines of “yay! now that I’m not lifting I can do ALL THE OTHER THINGS” so they haven’t been all that effective at actually helping me heal up.

Today I tried out a yoga practice that Tori at Anytime Yoga posted about— she hadn’t given it a full review but it sounded good for today. Flexibility is always something I need to work on! The practice itself was good. It was aimed at beginners and slow-paced, which was a little frustrating since my breath is not that slow so I would get out of sync. But the verbal instruction was clear so I didn’t have to watch too carefully and I could do my own thing.  I really enjoyed the modification she used for vinyasa– from down dog, she walked the hands back to forward fold, then walked the hands forward to plank, then stepped forward into another fold. There was some work in low lunge to one-legged forward bend, some warrior 2/proud warrior/side angle, and some cobras and bridge work. Nothing fancy, but it got my shoulders, lower back, hamstrings and hips limbered up. The instructor mentioned taking a break or not doing advanced versions of poses like arms overhead in bridge, but there were few mentions of props or modifications (I liked a pillow under my knee in the low lunges). Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty good choice for an easy opener.

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2 Responses to Recovery, choices and yoga

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    That’s something I always find difficult about yoga – I can’t necessarily twist my head to see what the instructor is doing. No doubt familiarity and practice mitigate the need for visual aids…

    I know ‘Drea is a big believer in Epsom salts soaks for aches and pains. I just bought some today, but I’m unlikely to soak in a bath until the colder weather.

    • G says:

      It’s helpful for me to watch a practice once through before actually attempting it so I can get a handle on what to expect. Some of this stuff, it seems like every instructor has a different way they want you to do it.

      Oh, a long soak sounds wonderful, you can always have one in tepid water. I think I might throw some of my mentholated bath salts in there and maybe it’ll help my sinuses…

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