Yoga Schadenfreude

Okay, that sounds awful, doesn’t it? Anyway, the story…

When I planned this week as a rest week, I didn’t plan on it being the at-home-sick-for-two-days kind of rest week. But so it goes– some kind of sinus infection thing had me laid up at home, but I’m finally feeling a little better and back at work.

I figured I could manage a gentle yoga practice in my normal gym time, so I set up my mat in the big room and put on the video I used on Monday on my phone (it’s simple enough I didn’t have to watch– I could just follow along the audio). I was almost finished when a gym staffer came in with some clients to do a personal training– and they were so loud, I packed up and left to go shower. (I know the staff gotta make their money, but this is so annoying because it’s the only quiet space in the tiny gym.)

I was just about to get in the shower when the fire alarm rang– so I dressed again and went outside, and the trainer and clients who interrupted me had to go too. Neener! But then we all had to wait 45 minutes to go back in the building.

Well, I can count my blessings and not be cranky– I could breathe easily during the practice and I wasn’t too tired afterwards. Yesterday I would’ve fallen over. And eventually I did get a shower, which was nice.

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One Response to Yoga Schadenfreude

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL, “neener”! I’m glad you are as immature as I am :) Get better soon, and yes please shower.

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