New Shoe Boogie

My new pair of shoes had arrived on Tuesday, but until today I didn’t feel well enough to try them out (which caused me no end of angst, to be sure). However, today I’m breathing mostly clear and I decided to take them for a spin on the treadmill as a test drive.

I wound up ordering a pair of Saucony Ride 6s in men’s 7.5. This is a switch; I was torn between these and another pair of Mizuno Waveriders, but in the end the Sauconys won out– mostly because 1) I liked the colors better (my new shoes are royal blue and yellow, and I like blue, plus I feel like they are full of school spirit too because those are the colors of my alma mater) and 2) they were $40 cheaper. Never let it be said that I am neither vain nor frugal.

A couple years ago I trained for my annual 5k in the women’s Ride 5s and I loved them but they gave me epic blisters because they were too narrow and rubbed along the edges of my toes. However, the shoes were amazingly squishy in the forefoot (which I like, as a heavier forefoot striker) and I never had arch problems wearing them, even running lots of miles. (Can’t say the same for other shoes…)

The Ride 6s worked out pretty well in the easy 30 minute, 2.4 mi test drive. I wore thick socks and the midfoot felt a little cramped, but I can tweak the lacing and my socks. I see that Saucony changed the heel-to-toe drop back from 4mm in the 5s to 8mm in the 6s; I prefer the shorter drop for a more flexible foot but I didn’t notice much. And they still had the super comfy, squishy feel that I remember. So I suspect these ones will be fine. Maybe this weekend I’ll try them out on pavement.

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