Everything day

Time and the weather and my own desire to get moving led me to a combo today: 3 miles run, and then 30 minutes of lap swimming. It was a lot, and I’m beat now!

The run was just okay; I finished the 3 miles in 40 minutes and it felt pretty hard. I seem to be mostly recovered from my sinus junk, but I feel like, between that and the fact that I didn’t run much while I was lifting, I’ve lost conditioning. I miss being able to treat 3 miles like no big deal. Well, I have one stage left to go of NRoL4W and then after that I get to choose to do anything I want… oh, the eternal battle between can’t-run-on-sore-legs/can’t-lift-with-tired-legs/there-just-aren’t-enough-hours-in-the-day-and-days-in-the-week-to-recover-from-it-all…

Onto the swimming! I was already tired and my form was, honestly, a hot mess. Some days it feels natural– not today! But I propelled myself across the pool a number of times until 30 minutes had passed.  It’s funny; I like to go early after they open (at 11:30) to avoid the herds of kids, but usually I’m the only person in the pool then so the lifeguards have to keep their post and just watch me go back and forth, I guess. It must not be a very exciting job when the pool is quiet.

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