Running; Breathing

Yet another solid 3 miles on the treadmill this morning, in 35 minutes. Okay, I’ve established that I still know how to run and am still capable of doing it somewhat well (by my own standards, anyhow). While I’ve enjoyed these 3 days of running, I have a blister on my big toe and my hip is a little sore and it’s all a good reminder that if I want to go back to running all the time I should really ease back into it!

For as long as I could manage, I practiced full breathing during my run. Breathing is not my strong point; I can easily focus on my stride or posture, but concentrating on my breath is hard to do– I always get distracted. But I feel much better when I’m taking properly full lungfuls of air rather than breathing more shallowly.

Before I started running years ago, I quit smoking. (I was always a light smoker, though; a pack lasted a few days.) And as I went through the physical and habitual withdrawl, one of the most powerful deterrents to smoking was wanting to be able to breathe well during my runs. And there were occasions where I bummed a smoke and then afterwards paid for it when running– it felt awful. I feel like this is common among runners, that lots of us are former smokers. Maybe we tend to have these personalities that tend towards addiction! But I feel much better being a habitual runner than a habitual smoker.

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2 Responses to Running; Breathing

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I quit smoking about 15 years ago, but once in a great while (usually under the influence of beer) I’ll decide it’s a good idea to bum a couple from someone. I can’t believe how bad I feel the next day – can barely catch my breath! Plus the headache and overall yucky feeling. It makes me wonder how I ever managed to start smoking in the first place. Oh wait that’s right, I was a feckless teenager with no concept of addiction or health, and of course I looked cool doing it…

    • G says:

      I didn’t start until my senior year of college! Too many all-nighters working on my senior design project, and not much else to do at 3am. And it started with clove cigarettes, too. Some of us just wait until we’re older to have our silly phase :)

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