Wobbly workout

Today I decided to DIY a HIIT-ish kettlebell workout. My gym has a kettlebell class today, but it’s scheduled at 1– which is a problem, since Thursday is a standing group lunch and I don’t really want to go to class with a full stomach. I’m choosing the brief social time over the workout (which is probably a mistake, today– I’m very grumpy. Hopefully I won’t get myself into hot water.)

So I hung out in the big room by myself and swung and snatched and squatted and crunched and rowed and pressed and windmilled to my heart’s content. Honestly, aside from the kettlebell swings, it’s much less awkward to do this stuff with dumbbells, though. (For the snatches, I went and grabbed a dumbbell, because after having a kettlebell smack into my hand and wrist a few times, I decided it wasn’t high on my list of things that are fun.) The workout was pretty intense and I’m wobbly and tired, so I guess I did it right.

I finished my workout just before the staff came in with her personal trainees today. I could hear the music in the big room from the locker room, and they were in the middle of their paid-for session when the music switched over to some ads. Really? Those ads for a grocery store and for apricots totally would make me want to work harder… (Pandora subscriptions aren’t that expensive! It might help!)

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