Long swim…

So remember that kettlebell workout on Thursday? It did such a number on my back, I didn’t feel good about working out for a couple days. I think I need to incorporate kettlebell swings into my normal workouts just for prevention.

Anyway, today I was feeling better and decided to take a nice long swim in the pool. The kids are going back to school, and Labor Day is looming– my days of swimming are numbered. So today I spent an hour swimming laps. The first 30 I did at a comfortable pace, but the last 10 I did half-lap sprints, which was really hard– the first 5 I felt okay but it was a struggle to get through the last ones. But over all the swim was fine– I could’ve kept going, and focusing on my form was no problem today.

Then once I got back home and was feeling sort of knotted up so some yoga was in order– nothing fancy, but a bit of sun salutations and some back work to loosen up my posterior chain. Hopefully tomorrow I’m not too stiff!

On Friday I was out with my coworkers for a happy hour and the topic of weight lifting came up (these coworkers are all avid gym people). Eventually someone asked how much we could squat… and I told them, and then my male coworker said,  quietly, “I squat 100lb.” Which is just fine! But it was kind of a funny situation.

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