Beating the rain

This afternoon and the next few days are forecast to have unpredictable weather, so I was glad to be able to get a run in the morning before any of that started. And I start Stage 7 tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’m going to be up for much running anyway…

I drank the same amount of coffee this morning as I do most mornings, but for some reason I was pretty sure my chest was going to explode? It calmed down after a bit, but I was still pretty wired when I set out for my run and the first mile was pretty speedy. I’m glad I chose to keep it to 30 minutes, because shortly after that the caffeine went away and I was pooped! It was 2.4 miles overall.

Because of the upcoming crappy weather, it seemed like every landscaping and construction crew was out working… and I ran past all of them. I’ve observed that all it takes is one bad actor, and an entire group will be jerks. One dude hollers? They all have to holler. That’s because it’s not about me being super hot (which, you know, I might be), it’s about asserting their dominance and the right to judge random women running by. At least it gave me incentive to run faster past them.

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