The day after

Usually I like to write about my workouts the day I do them, but today… well, not yesterday/today. Yesterday was an insanely busy day; I was up at 8 to finish cooking and cleaning in preparation for brunch guests. I was proud, however, that I managed to get a run in before they arrived (just barely, in fact– I came in and showered and dressed and they arrived shortly after– I was still sweaty).  It was an okay run; I went 3.2 miles in 41 minutes. My legs were still sore from the previous week’s lifting, and the run left my calves very stiff. I didn’t have time to write about my workout because I was too busy spending time with my friends…

I haven’t done it yet today, but I’d like to get some nice yogas in. Today has been a lot of sitting so far, so I want to do something to get the blood moving– but not too much because I’ve got another killer lifting workout scheduled tomorrow. So let me just write as if I’ve done it. It was great!

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